Ecotalot represents 9 Finnish and 6 Russian log and timber frame manufacturers on the Russian market. We offer consultation, development, and engineering and construction services, according to our clients’ preferences.



We offer complete solutions, including.


With the help from our Russian and Finnish architecture we will create a unique project of your home.


Our reliable Finnish and Russian construction teams will professionally construct your log house.

Landscape Gardening

Ecotalot offers the development of garden design for the arrangement and decoration of your estate, after the development and construction of your log home.

Log Home Manufacture

After the approval of the drawings, your project is forwarded for calculation to one of the 6 Russian or 9 Finnish log home manufacturers. The offers may be adjusted and tailored to suit any budget.

Engineering grid works

We represent professional engineering specialists in the industry, for development and creation of the unique grid works in your home.

Transportation and Customs

Our company offers the full package of transportation and customs’ services, right up to your doorstep.

Interior design

We will create an interior design project for your home with our specialists.

Clients’ Preferences

Ecotalot offer the services of Finnish specialists on architectural, engineering and construction works. Every manufacturer differs with a wide selection of ready-drawn projects and price range.

Individual Projects

Every unique project will be calculated from one of the few manufacturers in plain, gluelaminated and round log, which will also range in size and the material list along with it. Some sections may be optimized (e.g. windows, doors and inner walls), which will sufficiently lessen the price.

Extra Care

Quality and appropriate certification control of our manufacturers is checked by Centre of Technical Investigations “VTT”, and marked by many awards on international exhibitions and also own the national mark of quality of Finland.

A home off the grid

Ecotalot practices on engineering possibilities on projects off-grid with the help of latest energy-efficient technologies which allow the house to produce more energy than it uses up. That means any project could be separate from exterior grid of electricity and gas, making it energy-independent.